We know that there are dozens of companies out there providing 8mm film transfer services, and the information can be overwhelming. Below are the factors that we believe make Just8mm.com the best choice when it comes to preserving your family's 8mm and Super 8 movie film.


We use the 8mm film transfer method that gives the most accurate replication of motion, color and clarity. There are many methods for transferring 8mm and Super8 film, and we've tried most of them out at one time or another. Many of these processes do not produce an accurate representation of what is on your film, and a couple of them produce similar results, but at 3 to 4 times the price. Our film transfer process, using patented equipment, yields a very high resolution picture, free of flicker, hotspots and halos, evenly lit across all regions of the screen and evenly focused. In addition, because we use a true "telecine" transfer, there is no screen texture, so you get very high resolution and accurate color reproduction. See our How It Works page for more information.

We also offer advanced technology services that other companies don't offer. We can transfer the sound from your 8mm film reels and we also offer 2k/HD capture upgrades.


Our 8mm to DVD and 8mm to digital file prices are simple to understand, all-inclusive, and very reasonable. Many others charge setup fees, splicing fees, per foot charges, and other add-ons that make the whole process very confusing. We keep it simple. We charge you only for the work we actually do, and NEVER ask you to pay in advance. And we can transfer Super 8 sound film for the same price as silent. Access to a private website with cloud backup files that you can easily download and share is completely free for 60 days. See complete pricing information on our PRICING page.


Founded in 2002, we have transferred over 79 million feet of movie film (8mm, Super 8, Sound Super 8, and 16mm). Yes, we also transfer videotape, slides and some other formats, but since 2002 our primary focus has been on 8mm and Super 8 film. We have transferred more movie reels since 2002 than any other company providing this service.

Quick Turnaround

Turnaround times depend on the size of your project and we try to process and ship within 7-14 business days of receiving your films, but we do get backed up sometimes. We complete 70% of our projects within one month, but if you have a deadline, for $25 we can guarantee that within 14 days your package will be on the way and you'll have a digital download link in your email. 

Because film transfers are our primary focus, we have become highly efficient, while still maintaining excellent quality. And no, you don't have to sit around waiting for a magic cardboard box to arrive before you can even send your film to us.


We keep and store a digital master of every order we process. This is done solely as a convenience for you, our customer, in the event you want additional DVD or digital file copies in the future or if your DVD or thumb drive is damaged or destroyed. Please note that we never access these archives except at the request of our customers.

BBB Accredited

We are fully accredited members of the Better Business Bureau, which means we are committed and bound by their rules when it comes to dealing fairly with our customers. We have an A+ rating, and have been awarded 11 Gold Star Awards. We take customer care and service very seriously at Just8mm.com

About those "Fill-A-Box" Companies

Over the last few years several companies have begun to offer transfer services for multiple media formats at a fixed price based on how many "media items" you want to have transferred. For example, they will transfer 3 items of any format (film, videotapes, slides, audio cassettes) for around $65, or 10 items for around $250, etc. Most of these companies want you to pay in advance (usually a red flag), and then have you wait for a special, branded cardboard box to be shipped to you (which is actually just a fancy cardboard box). Then you put your items into the box and ship it back, and wait some more. This may seem like a good value at first, however in all but a few instances it is not the best deal. There are two reasons:

The first reason is that all types or sizes of media don't take the same level of expertise or time to transfer, which makes certain items cost MUCH more than if they were priced separately. For example, a 3-inch reel of 8mm film takes a small fraction of the time to transfer as a 400-foot reel, but the fill-a-box companies price them the same. So the price for only three 3-inch reels might cost a total of $65 or even $75 -- more than $20 per 3-inch reel! At Just8mm.com the same 3-inch reels are priced at $9.99.

The second big problem is that about half of all 5, 6 and 7-inch reels are not full, but the fill-a-box companies still charge full price. Basically, they charge the same price per reel whether a reel has 100 feet, 150 feet, or 300 feet. At Just8mm.com we charge for the actual amount of film on each reel, which in the majority of cases, is less than the fill-a-box places. Here is an example of a typical order we see every day:

23 3-inch reels $229.77
4 5-inch reels full $119.96
2 6-inch reels with 200 feet of film each $59.98
1 full 7-inch reel $49.99
1 7-inch reel with 300 feet of film $39.99
Thumb drive files for above $60.00
Total $559.69
Fill-A-Box Company
"Treasure Chest" Package up to 40 items. $1,099.00

Even after the fill-a-box place applies their "perpetual limited time only" 40% discount, Just8mm.com still represents a much better value. And a similar comparison can be done for videotapes, which we also transfer to DVD for a price of $19.99 per tape.