At you get a rare experience - better pricing AND better quality. It has taken us 20+ years to achieve this. We have no complicated add-ons and no setup fees. Unlike those "fill a box" companies, all pricing includes your first USB or DVD for only $19.99 - no matter the size. And you only pay for what you have. And you only pay when our work is finished.

We also offer unique services. Most companies will just send back moldy reels undigitized - and ignore sound on reels.  Most companies will not provide individual files for each reel and ignore written labels?  We either include what's needed or charge a nominal fee. For example, in case you lose your disc or drive, we include sixty days of cloud backup absolutely free. Upgrades like 2K high definition transfers very affordable. 

Even when others discount 50%, we are usually more affordable. You won't find better value anywhere!

Equal Pricing for 8mm, Super8 and 16mm Digitizing. 
Volume Discounts Automatically Applied For All Reel Sizes

Reel CapacityReel DiameterVolume Discount AppliedFinal Price Per ReelWhat You're Paying Per Foot
50 ft.<5 3 inch reelsN/A$12.99$0.26
50 ft.5+ 3 inch reels-23%$9.99$0.20
100 ft.4 inch reels-27%$18.99$0.19
200 ft.5 inch reels-42%$29.99$0.15
300 ft.6 inch reels-49%$39.99$0.13
400 ft.7 inch reels-52%$49.99$0.12
50 ft.3 inch reels$12.99
100 ft.4 inch reels$18.99
200 ft.5 inch reels$29.99
300 ft.6 inch reels$39.99
400 ft.7 inch reels$49.99

Pricing is the same for 8mm, Super8 and 16mm digitizing services. Private cloud access to digital downloads is free for 60 days. 

Upgrade to 2k$11.99 per reel
Custom labeling$10 per order
Extra DVDs$11.99 per 1000 feet
Extra USBsStarting at $19.99

Return shipping is $18.50.

Over 80% of film reels we receive are 3" and our pricing is the best

We include 60 days of cloud backup absolutely free

Sample ProjectJust8mmThe Competition with 50% off!Apples to Apples
(10) 3" 8mm film reels to USB$138.39

$9.99 per reel + $19.99 USB & Digital Access + $18.50 shipping

$14 per reel + $19.99 USB + $19.99 Digital
Even with a 50% discount, our
pricing is still less per reel than
our competitors
(10) 3" 8mm film reels to USB with 2k capture$188.39

$14.99 per reel + $19.99 USB & Digital Access + $18.50 shipping   

$14 per reel + $19.99 USB + $19.99 Digital
We're the only digitizing
company on the market that offers
2k film capture
(7) 3" 8mm film reels to USB$108.42

$9.99 per reel + $19.99 USB & Digital Access + $18.50 shipping
$179.98 (10 item box)

$14 per reel + $19.99 DVD + $19.99 Digital
There is no easy pricing for 3 - 10 items. 
You pay the same price for 7 items as you
do for ten, or pay $17.99 for items 3 - 7 PLUS pay for the digital access
(7) 3" 8mm film reels to USB$108.42

$9.99 per reel + $19.99 USB & Digital Access + $18.50 shipping
$131.93 (2 item box plus fees)

$15 per reel (first 2 reels) + $17.99 (reels 3 - 7) + $5.99 USB + $5.99 Digital
There is no easy pricing for 3 - 10 items. 
You pay the same price for 7 items as you
do for ten, or pay $17.99 for items 3 - 7 PLUS pay for the digital

Just8mm Pricing FAQs

Why is Just8mm pricing better if the competition is sometimes cheaper?

Our price per reel is the best in the industry and our captures are the same every time. We don't stack fees for your initial DVD or USB, we only charge for the extras. Just8mm only costs more when you opt into the extra services the competition doesn't offer like 2k film capture or custom labeling. 

We also capture sound for only $5 per reel instead of by the foot, whereas many others don't capture sound at all.

I have 8mm tapes, not reels...

We can also transfer all videotape formats, including Hi8, Digital8, VHS, Beta and MiniDV. The price for video to DVD transfers is $19.99 per tape. We clip out any blank tape at the beginning and end of your recorded footage. Tapes over 2.5 hours are an additional fee. Videotapes to DVDs/Files

What about additional charges not listed?

There are no hidden fees at Just8mm. We don't charge extra for Super8mm film or 16mm film. 

When we receive your order it gets inventoried in detail. If we find anything out of the ordinary like mold, 16mm film with sound or even a stray audio reel - we'll reach out to confirm next steps. 

Do I get my film back?

Yes, you get your film back and our transfer process will not damage or diminish your film in any way.  If you are sending us small reels, we often splice them together into larger master reels which allows for a more efficient and organized digitizing process.  You may get your reels returned to you in this more space-efficient form.

What if my 8mm film is broken?

It's no big deal.  We will repair it (free of charge) and you probably won't even notice the break as you watch your film on DVD.

The box says my reels are 25 feet, where is that pricing?

Your film was originally purchased as a 25 foot long reel of unexposed film about an inch wide.  When it was exposed (shot) it was flipped over in the camera after one edge was exposed, then the other edge was exposed.  When it was sent in for developing/processing, the film was split down the middle to create 50 feet of developed film about a half-inch wide.