8mm cameras were used in the 50s and 60s to film special events and occasions, as well as to make full length films as well. Thousands of people still have 8mm films stored, but the problem is that over time they are apt to deteriorate, and become no longer viewable even on 8mm film projectors. Perhaps you have been looking around online for an 8mm film to DVD converters services, and if this is the case you have found the best in Just 8mm.com. DVDs can be stored for a century or more, so it is a great idea to convert 8mm film to DVD while your film still has good integrity. Read about our services on our website, which has been designed for your convenience, and follow the easy instructions to use our 8mm film to DVD conversions services as soon as possible, to protect your memories.

Many happy family memories, educational films, epics movies, and special events of the past are still in 8mm format, and it would be sad to lose them because of deterioration of the film due to moisture, excessive temperature changes, or mold, which are some of the contributing factors that may render your film unusable to watch. You will see that Just 8mm.com has transferred millions of feet of 8mm film to DVD, and this is one service we specialize in at great value for money. Universities, filmmakers, government archives, and even museums, have used our services to make copies of their 8mm film to DVD conversions, and we also store your film, in case you lose it due to unforeseen circumstances.

Once you have converted 8mm film to DVD you can make as many copies for your own use as you wish using a DVD burner, and they will play on almost every DVD player currently on the market. Many people own collector's items like the old Three Stooges and Charlie Chaplin films for example, which are timeless memories that should be converted as soon as possible. When we receive your film we will have it converted, and on its way back to you with the specified lead times. Use some guidelines on the frequently asked questions pages to check whether your film can still be converted.

We are a reputable company that has proper walk in retail outlets at different locations as indicated on our website, which deal specifically with 8mm film to DVD conversions, and you can read the frequently asked questions links to read about what we can do for you. Order your 8mm film to DVD conversion as soon as possible, and once it has been done you will be able to watch your footage as often as you like, and store it safely for decades. Our customer orientated services are dedicated to your complete satisfaction, and we look forward to recommendations to others that own 8mm film, which they should consider converting as soon as possible while the integrity of the film is still sound.