How to Order

Having transfer your 8mm and Super 8 home movie reels to DVD couldn't be easier:

  • If you want your 8mm reels in a specific order on the DVD, just number the boxes or reels clearly in the sequence you want them.
  • If you want disc menu titles for each of your 8mm reels, create a numbered list with the titles you want for each reel. Reel titles are limited to 15 characters including spaces.
  • Complete the order form and print it out so it can be included in your shipment to us. Note that the shipping address is at the top of the order form.
  • Package your reels and order form. We strongly recommend using a box and not a padded mailer. We suggest using FedEx or UPS for security, and so that you can track your shipment to our DVD transfer company.
  • Relax. Once we receive your order, we will transfer your 8mm to DVD and ship the original film and DVD back to you in about 6 business days. We charge the credit card on your order form the day we ship your 8mm to DVD transfer. UPS or FedEx will also email you a tracking number for our return shipment.

Don't forget that our 8mm film transfer service includes storing an ARCHIVED COPY of your DVD, accessible only by you, in case you would like to order additional copies in the future.

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