Simple Pricing

At we make our 8mm to DVD transfer pricing easy to understand, with no complicated add-ons or needless confusion.  We price our 8mm and Super8 film transfers by the reel, and all of our prices include the DVD and custom label, black plastic hardcase with insert, and individual thumbnails and chapter titles for each reel.  Same prices for Super8 sound film.  Pricing also include keeping an archived master of your 8mm film footage (you get your original reels back, of course), so we can always make additional copies of your 8mm film transfer at a later date.


3 inch reels (50 feet ) 


5 inch reels (200 feet) 



6 inch reels (300 feet)



7 inch reels (400 feet)  



*For 5, 6, and 7 inch reels that are not full, we charge only for the actual amount of film.
We add $16 for UPS or Fedex ground return shipping for all orders under $400.
Minimum order charge is $15.
Sales tax added for Texas customers.

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